A headteacher hasresorted to drastic measures to stop parents parking dangerously while on the school run.

At the end of each day, Gill Doyle of Roydon Primary School puts out cones around the school and stands on the gate in an attempt to prevent cars blocking walkways and exits on the narrow road.

This morning, the head of the Epping Road School told BBC Essex that it is a big problem for them.

She said: “It was a huge problem when I started at the school and buggies couldn’t get past.

“We do struggle with our school run and our main priority is keeping the children safe.

“The parking at the moment is restricting the flow of traffic. The yellow zig zags do prevent parking. I need them extended.”

The school has described the problem as a ‘nightmare’.

Parents are said to park across the school entrance so that the bus cannot get in or out and teachers have been abused after asking parents to move on.

This situation seems to be replicated across the district, leaving councils considering suspending parking.

At the moment, Loughton Parish Council is negotiating with the North Essex Parking Partnership over parking in Forest Road in Loughton.

Councillors have claimed that children are having to walk in the road to dodge the cars sat on the pavements.

Restrictions are now being considered between 8.30am and 4pm.

Councillor Gary Waller, representative for the North Essex Parking Partnership in Epping Forest District Council says that it is a “considerable problem”.

“Drivers stop on zig zag lines and it dangerous,” He said.

“The solution is that later this month, we, as part of the NEPP, have agreed that CCTV vehicles should be deployed right across the area to schools within Epping Forest.”

Mr Waller says that there will be one car out at first to serve the whole of the district. He also said that it is not a money making scheme.