The trust in charge of mental health wards criticised by the Care Quality Commission insists patients are in good hands.

Inspectors found some vulnerable patients at Kitwood and Roding mental health wards at St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping were not informed quickly enough why they were being treated there.

A spokesman for the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust said that one area of the entire process was found to be below standards

He said: “This reports we did not meet one standard and we have a grey cross meaning requiring improvements.

“The issue is explained in the report and it related to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and recording staff efforts to seek consent.

“It is minor but it’s important so we have addressed this.”

An action plan has already been put into place on the ward.

The trust says that it is keeping records of discussions about patients' rights and making efforts to ensure that every patient understands why they are there.