Latest figures show motorists face fewer pothole problems in Epping Forest than in October when I began my crater crusade.

We have managed to buck the tarmac trend of a county-wide increase in the horrible holes but there is still room for improvement.

Between October 1 and December 31 cracks on major carriageways came down by 35 and secondary road defects decreased by 105.

Sadly only four districts in Essex have more craters causing neighbourhood nuisance than Epping Forest which has 877, an increase of 124, but this could be because we are reporting more readily.
Essex as in total has seen local road ruts rise by 2,278.

On the hole a pot on the back for all those who have been involved in the campaign.

The crackdown on residential rut repairs begins now and hopefully we can drop down the league for bad bitumen on local lanes.

Rodney Bass the Essex County Council Highways man said: “May I assure all residents and businesses in Essex that we are absolutely determined to get the roads improved to the requisite standards.”