A charity has successfully bid to convert more shipping containers into living spaces for homeless people.

Forest YMCA in Forest Road, Walthamstow, has been handed £645,000 from the Greater London Authority (GLA) for 30 new units.

The mYPad scheme was launched in response to a lack of affordable homes and sees youngsters registered with the YMCA housed in converted containers with low rents.

Ten of the container homes will be developed at the chairity's main site in Forest Road by April this year, while a further 20 will be set up on a brownfield site in Coopers Lane, Leyton by June.

Ken Mbiro, 26, from Enfield has been with Forest YMCA for 12 months and has just secured full-time employment.

He is a candidate to be one of the first resident's to move into the accomodation.

"I'm really happy about being selected. This means I can now save for a deposit, pay my own rent, and secure my own independance to not depend on the YMCA so much.

"The mYPad scheme is a much better option than paying for single room elsewhere because you have the same space and don't have to pay for deposits and one months rent upfront," says Mr Mbiro.   

Forest YMCA chief executive, Timothy Pain, says mYPAds are vital in helping youngsters re-build their lives. 

He said: "We are delighted that the mYPad project is going ahead, this is an extremely positive start to the New Year for us and our residents.

"I would like to extend our gratitude to the GLA for their grant and to everyone who has made this possible.

"To know that what started off as a mere concept three years ago will become a fully-fledged reality with the ability to help vulnerable young homeless people regain their confidence, dignity and independence is truly remarkable.

"Once rolled out, the mYPads will act as a vital stepping stone for FYMCA residents who gain full-time employment on their journey to independence, keep them off benefits and give them the chance to rebuild their lives."

The mYPad is specifically designed for YMCA residents in full-time employment. At a weekly rental cost of £70, the single-story mYPad offers short-term accommodation while resident's save for a deposit for their own rented property.

If the YMCA mYPad project is successful, it could be rolled out to other organisations across London.

Forest YMCA currently has two prototype containers at its main site and neither have been used for resident's to stay in.