The headteacher of a school which has been told by Ofsted inspectors to improve its teaching has said there is “nothing surprising” about the recent report.

Jo Shuter was appointed headteacher of King Solomon High School in Forest Road, Barkingside, in October 2013, which was criticised last week in an Ofsted report for a lack of improvement in English and mathematics.

The school, previously rated good in 2011, was also criticised for a high level of fixed-term exclusions and slow levels of progress, with children unsure on how to improve their work.

However, the report stated that Mrs Shuter had made a “positive impact” on the school so far, although it was too soon to evaluate the overall impact of her work.

Mrs Shuter said: “When I first arrived at the school it was a bit like a sleeping giant. It’s a huge school with great staff and pupils.

“But when schools have been around for some time they need to be injected with a bit of rigor.

“I have no doubt that results will improve and we will have a rating of outstanding in no time.

“I am putting in place extra teacher training to address some of the issues raised, which were not surprising.

“The report was actually quite positive and there are some green shoots in there which will continue to grow.”

Jo Shuter was named the country's best headteacher in 2007 for her work at the Quintin Kynaston Academy in St John's Wood, but stepped down after being disciplined by governors over her expenses.