Measures to improve safety for children and other pedestrians outside an independent school where an accident was said to be “waiting to happen” have been agreed.

Redbridge Council has withdrawn its objection to the removal of a traffic island outside Bancroft’s School in Whitehall Road, Woodford Green, to encourage a better flow of vehicles.

This is after it emerged the island was installed before the zebra crossing and it is now believed its removal would not compromise safety.

The authority has also agreed to pay for half of the £6,000 cost of removing the island on a zebra crossing.

The school has long been plagued by congestion caused by parents on the school run, with some accused of compromising safety by crossing into an opposite lane after becoming frustrated with waiting.

Vicky Babbs, 46, who walks her daughter to nearby Wells Primary School, has campaigned for action to be taken and welcomed the plan, but added: “There will always be those inconsiderate parents who choose to park on zigzags outside the school or mount the entire pavements with their vehicles to allow their children to dismount.”

School deputy head, Marwan Mikdadi, said: "This is great news not only for local residents but for the safety of our children as well.

“I am extremely grateful for the council’s support and glad that something can finally be done.”

The school will pay an extra £10,000 for work on school grounds as part of the scheme ahead of completion in September.

Cllr James O’Shea said: “It is not a question of inconvenience it is a question of safety.”

Cllr Linda Huggett added: “You can’t put a price on a child’s life – we should wholeheartedly support this scheme.”


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