The mother of a teenage girl who has gone missing with her friend has made an emotional appeal for her daughter to return home.

Shadia Browne, 15 and Franchesca Nti, 14, were last seen together on Friday in Leyton.

Franchesca's mother, Elizabeth Adjei, 37, said the last time she saw her daughter was Friday morning when she left for school.

The George Mitchell pupils had been at the school in Farmer Road, Leyton, on Friday but neither of them returned home. 

Ms Adjei said: "I went to the school and I was told they had been in attendance. After school, she texted her father saying she was staying behind at school to finish some work.

"She has not been seen since.”

In a direct plea to her daughter, she said: "I want you to come home, we are one family and we all miss you and love you so much.

"Everyone is worrying about you, we just want you to let us know you're safe and come home."

Franchesca lives with her mother, younger brother and sister in Church Road, Leyton.

This is not the first time her 14-year-old daughter has gone missing.

Ms Adjei said she disappeared for a day in November, when she went to Hackney, and for three days in December."

It is understood one of the girls posted an image of them both together on Instagram on Sunday, but police have not used this to track the girls. 

The girls are described as black and approximately 5ft 6ins.

Shadia and Franchesca were both wearing school uniforms the day they went missing, but could have taken a change of clothes.

There is a possibility the girls could visit neighbouring borough Hackney or Tottenham.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Missing Persons Unit at Waltham Forest on 020 3276 0989/0927 or via 101.