The mother of a young disabled boy claims she has been abandoned by social services after her son was incapacitated by a hip operation.

Tanesha Watson was promised carers would support her when her six-year-old son, Obed, who has cerebral palsy, returned home to Willingale Road in Loughton two weeks ago.

Obed cannot walk or sit unaided and his mother has to lift, carry and wash him without any support.

The 29-year-old said: “He’s in a hip brace after the operation so it’s really difficult.

“I haven’t got the proper equipment. I have been phoning social services everyday and they always say that there is no manager around.

“They said that the hospital didn’t call and let them know that Obed was out. I know that mistakes happen but he has been home since January 13.

“I keep getting told that they are looking for someone.

“I’ve been doing it all myself. I’ve done my back in. I’m in agony.”

Obed is also missing out on his education as an assessment has not been carried out.

He is also said to be struggling to sleep after the occupational therapy team left his bed downstairs.

Miss Watson of Willingale Road is angry that her son is missing out on proper health care and education.

“This is killing me. I just want some help for my son,” she added.

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “Essex County Council does not comment on individual cases but we can confirm we are working with the family regarding care provision and will continue to do so to ensure appropriate support is provided.”