Complaints have prompted a review of a number of parking schemes.

Safety concerns centred on lines of sight, access to junctions and large vehicles have been raised in several roads in Epping.

Objections to restrictions in Sunnyside Road, Green Trees, Ambleside, Kendal Avenue and Stonards Hill in 2012 have been addressed in new proposals by the authority.

Residents of Sunnyside Road were concerned that parking bays at a bend in the road would obstruct vehicles such as rubbish collection lorries or large delivery vans.

Drivers exiting Stonards Hill recreation ground were worried about vehicles parked in the road blocking their line of sight.

Concerns were raised in Ambleside and Green Trees about stopping and parking near junctions and corners.

The deadline for objections to the proposals in Sunnyside Road is Friday and for all other areas is February 7.