Residents are preparing for the worst as water levels in the River Roding continue to rise.

The Lower River Roding was placed on flood alert last night after rain draining down from the upper catchment caused levels to rise.

According to the Environmental Agency, some low-lying land, roads and gardens next to the river are likely to flood, and surface water flooding is expected in some areas.

Valerie Wolfson, of Peaketon Avenue in Ilford, is worried about what will happen if the river breaks its banks.

She said: “I always hear about the river being on flood alert, and touch wood, it hasn’t actually flooded yet today – although it is running very fast.

“If it does flood the water will just come out onto the earth, which will break underneath it – there is nowhere for the water to go, which is worrying.

“It would be good if there were loudspeakers or something installed round here so people would know when the river is likely to flood.

“People without internet have no idea otherwise.”

Showers are expected later today and levels are expected to rise further due to heavy rain expected tomorrow.

George Iveson, of Roding Lane South, is avoiding the river after noticing it was flowing fast.

He said: “I went down there today to walk my dog along the path but it was completely sodden and the river was running fast, so I came back up and kept to the pavement.

“If anyone was to fall into there I dread to think what would happen. 

“If the weather is due to get worse I won’t be going near there for a while – the river bank breaks so easily.”

Areas which could be affected by possible flooding include Wanstead, Ilford, South Woodford, Woodford Green, East Ham and Barking.

Gants Hill tube station remains closed due to flooding caused by the bad weather this morning.