Do not be disturbed if you spot a man being whipped and stoned until he bleeds while carrying a large cross in the street next week.

The Redbridge Easter Parade planning committee are staging a re-enactment of Jesus’s final hours on Tuesday in an effort to remind people of the meaning of Easter and increase church attendance.

The committee is also staging an Easter Parade and festival on Easter Monday (April 21).

Wilson Chowdhry, event manager for the parade, said: “Our Easter Parade will be a day of excitement and joy for all people of Redbridge.

“Fun activities such as a procession, live music, drama, games, stalls and a funfair will make it a great outing for families.

"The event will also have a more serious message, attempting to remove the myths about Christianity and reminding people of the true message of Easter.”

The re-enactment will take place in Green Lane, Ilford, on Tuesday at 10:30am.