A man appeared to be bleeding after being stoned while carrying a cross through the street this morning in an attempt to spread the message of Easter.

The Redbridge Easter Parade committee staged a re-enactment of Jesus' final hours in High Road, Ilford, and encouraged members of the public to throw fake stones at the actor, in a move also intended to increase church attendance.

The event took place to promote an Easter Parade and festival taking place on Easter Monday (April 21).

Wilson Chowdhry, who played Jesus and is event manager for the parade, said: “The people of Ilford see murders all the time so I don't think the event really phased them particularly.

"But lots of people were taking photos and coming up to us asking what we were doing - it was a lot of fun.

"The public were both shocked and intrigued. People were taking pictures and videos and it was a great opportunity for us to invite people to attend the Easter Parade and learn more about the relevance of Christianity in modern society.

"It was hard for me, as I played Jesus and I think too many of the revellers enjoyed throwing the papier mâché rocks my daughter and I prepared the night before in my direction.
"Then again it was all done in good spirits.

"Lots of people think of Easter and they think of the Easter bunny. I hope the event encouraged people to come down to their local church and listen to the true message of Easter."