A Chigwell dentist is set to appear in a brand new TV programme which features jaw-dropping body alterations.

On Thursday night Channel 4s ‘Body Shockers’ will tell the story of Naser Eshan from Leytonstone who had ‘gangster’ style gold teeth fitted after he was attacked.

Years later, like many others in the show, he regretted his choice.

At 10pm on Thursday night viewers can see the videographer turn to Chigwell dentist Ash Parmar for help.

He said:  “I was attacked in my youth and lost some teeth. 

“First they were silver but I got lots of infections so they were changed to gold.

“I thought they looked good but over the years they began to get on my nerves.  Plus I looked like some kind of gangster.  Not a good look for a videographer.”

‘Body Shockers’ tells the stories of ordinary people's body battles from those who want to build up their muscles to the point of bursting or tattoo, pierce, chop and change their bodies.

The show presented by comedian Tom Allen includes tattoo obsessed stars like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham and yo-yo dieting celebrities like Kerry Katona and Oprah Winfrey.

Smile By Design in Chigwell has also been featured on TV’s Extreme Makeover UK, The Only Way is Essex and ITV’s This Morning.

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