A woman who let her boyfriend hide a double-barrelled, sawn-off shotgun and ammunition in her house was convicted yesterday.

Shereen Lawrence, 32, of Hillcrest Road in Walthamstow, was found guilty of possessing a prohibited firearm at Inner London Crown Court.

Her boyfriend, Sunny Taiwo, 34, of Holt Road in Beckton, was also convicted of 10 firearms offences, including three counts of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

In November 2012 police searched her home and found the Miroku 600 shotgun and 84 cartridges in a cupboard in her bedroom, as well as a photo of Taiwo on her bedside table.

She was arrested and charged with possession of the gun.

Taiwo also used the homes of two other girlfriends to hide more guns.

On January 3 last year police found another gun, a 9mm Walther P99s self-loading pistol, in a storage box on top of a wardrobe in the bedroom of a woman in Tower Hamlets Road, Forest Gate.

A jury found Merisha Lesforis, 34, not guilty of possessing a prohibited firearm yesterday.

On January 7 2013 a 9mm Baikal self-loading pistol with a silencer and seven 9mm bullets were found in the kitchen bin in Leanne Anderson’s home.

After pleading guilty Anderson, 26, of Glenarm Road in Hackney, was sentenced to five years in prison on February 19 for possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition.

Taiwo was arrested in April last year in Mitcham where police found a loaded 8mm Rohm RG9 pistol under the bed he was lying on with a woman he had recently met.

The woman was also arrested but later released as investigations revealed she was unaware of Taiwo’s actions.

She later provided key evidence for prosecution.

Detective Inspector Steve Meechan, Trident Gang Crime Command, said: "Taiwo wrongly believed that by using his female companions to store various firearms he could evade capture, however police were able to connect him to all four firearms.

"By putting their trust in him, two women have now been convicted of serious offences and face lengthy prison sentences.

Lawrence and Taiwo will be sentenced on March 3.