More than half of adults in Redbridge are overweight, figures show.

Data published by Public Health England (PHE) revealed 55 per cent of the borough’s residents over the age of 18 were considered overweight or obese.

However, the figure is still below the London average of 57 per cent and England average of 64 per cent.

Excess weight can cause health problems which cost the NHS more than £5 billion a year.
PHE claim local authorities are ideally placed to tackle the problem and Redbridge Council insist it is a priority.

A spokeswoman said: “Reducing levels of obesity is a priority for Redbridge and we have therefore developed an obesity strategy which includes preventative and weight management measures to target obese adults.

“We work closely with colleagues in the NHS and Voluntary Sectors to encourage and facilitate a healthier lifestyle for our residents.”

The council said it has set up a range of services to tackle obesity, including fit clubs, walking schemes, activities for the elderly and the Active4Life scheme, which encourages residents to make physical activity a part of everyday life.