A nursery previously rated good by Ofsted is putting children’s safety at risk, according to inspectors.

Hainault Forest Community Nursery, in Manford Way, Chigwell, was rated inadequate in a report released today due to weak leadership and management and a failure to understand legal requirements.

The nursery was rated good across all categories in its last inspection in 2009.

The inspection in December was brought forward following concerns about the suitability of staff and safety of children.

The subsequent report said: “Generally, staff show a sound understanding of what they should disclose to the management.

"However, not all staff adhered to the policy and kept secret information which should have been disclosed.

“Consequently, the management was unable to ensure that all staff are suitable to be working with children.”

The youngest children were also said to have very few opportunities to develop skills in regard to personal hygiene.

However, carers were praised for developing good relationships with the children, while ensuring their time at the nursery is enjoyable.

The nursery, part of Hainault Forest Community Association, operates from three rooms in the community centre.

The nursery will be monitored and inspected again within six months, in line with Ofsted policy.

The Guardian is awaiting comment from the nursery.