Free school transport could be axed for students across the district next year.

From September 2015 Essex County Council’s cabinet has proposed cutting the number of bus routes to schools as it tries to make a saving of £235m across the county.

If plans are agreed at full council, transport will only be provided to a pupil’s nearest, non-faith school unless they meet set criteria.

Anyone currently receiving transport will be able to complete their current school year before looking for alternative arrangements.

Any student from a low income family who attends selective grammar school will still be entitled to free transport and those who believe that they have exceptional circumstances will be invited to apply.

From September 2014 post 16 learners could be asked to contribute £450 towards travel and if they have special educational needs it will only be provided for the nearest school.

The council has pledged to support bus companies in providing enough transport around school travel hours.

A final decision will be made at the next full council meeting.