A determined driver has won his fight for compensation after a driving through a pothole.

Dave Fox, 61, from Ruskin Avenue, Waltham Abbey, was left needing a new wheel, tyre and steering rack for his Reanault Magane convertible at a cost of £540.50.

Mr Fox was paid £645.40 by Essex County Council in an out of court settlement for the incident which happened on February 2 last year in Debden Lane, Debden.

The additional money was to cover a loss of interest and the £60 fee Mr Fox had to pay in order to lodge a claim for money with the small claims court.

He said: “The extra money didn’t need to be paid. It was an unnecessary waste of tax payers’ money.

“If they had paid out when I first claimed I would have been happy with the original amount.”

There was an unsuccessful mediation meeting between Mr Fox and the council which caused the matter to continue.

Mr Fox added: “This has been paid with no admission of liability, and the council has not learned a lesson.”

The authority paid out the money after not entering any defence for the case hearing at Edmonton County Court on February 21.

Mr Fox urged other victims of pothole strikes to check the pothole history of the road.

He said: “If you are confident that the council is at fault, don't accept their denial of liability and refusal to pay for your damage.

“Go down the legal route if you need to and don't give up.”