The council earned £1.6million by issuing 40,000 parking tickets in 10 streets last year.

The figure means an average of just under 110 tickets were issued every day.

George Lane in South Woodford, which is just over a quarter of a mile long, was the fourth most fined street, where 3,738 tickets issued raised £163,000 for the authority.

The council says it is trying to balance the needs of motorists, residents and businesses.

Council figures from last year show parking fines issued in Cranbrook Road - almost a quarter of the total figure - added up to £393,000.

The 540-yard-long Clements Road earned £251,000, making it the second highest earner for fines.

The authority says it is in the process of revising its parking code of practice to improve understanding of enforcement and reduce the number of penalty tickets given to drivers.

The revenue is made up of £60 parking tickets, which can increase in price if a driver fails to pay on time.

The council defended the number of tickets issued and said it was acting in line with its responsibility to make roads as safe as possible and to ensure the free movement of traffic.

“We understand that nobody wants to receive a parking fine, but these restrictions are there for a reason,” a spokesman said.

“When the council introduces parking or moving traffic restrictions, it does so because it has a responsibility to make its roads as safe as possible and to try to ensure the free movement of traffic.

“We have to try and balance the needs of motorists, local residents and businesses with a huge number of other local factors such as ensuring vehicles can move freely, bus journey times, the safety of children walking to school and the need to restrict blind turns and increase motorist’s visibility.”