Protesters picketed the council’s housing office this week in opposition to the so-called bedroom tax.

Members of the Waltham Forest Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) want the council to defend vulnerable people and low-paid workers against “vicious Tory policies”.

They demand no evictions for the non-payment of the bedroom tax or arrears that have arisen due to austerity measures.

They say the Labour council has claimed to be opposed to the tax but has “carried it through to the letter”.

One campaigner and Waltham Forest resident, Sandra Sharpe, says she is willing to be re-housed in a smaller property rather than being moved away from her family, friends and support network.

She has vowed not to pay the £1,000 debt she has accumulated as a result of the tax.

Ms Sharpe, who uses a wheelchair, said: “They’re going to have to drag me out by my wheelchair.

“I have written to (councillor responsible for housing) Marie Pye, I have written to John Cryer, I have even written to David Cameron himself.

“It appears no one wants to help me. I’m not going anywhere until I’m found a property that allows me to live with dignity as a disabled person."