A serial burglar will face just one extra day in prison after raiding a cafe.

Terence Lewis, 37, stole two laptops and a digital camera worth a total of £2,900, as well as £1,800 cash from the Sun Street Cafe in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, on September 14.

Lewis, from Enfield, was handed a six-week jail sentence after pleading guilty to the offence at Chelmsford Crown Court on Thursday.

The jail term will run concurrently with sentences of 12 and eight months handed to him at Wood Green Crown Court for another burglary and nine other break-ins.

This means the six week sentence should run until 27 February, just a day after he is scheduled to be released from prison.

Recorder Formby, who imposed the six week term, said it could be that he will still be freed from jail on the currently scheduled date of February 26.

The judge imposed the six week sentence after Lewis’s counsel, Kevin Walls, argued that if he had been sentenced for the Waltham Abbey offence at the same time he was sentenced for the others it would have made no difference the length of sentence he received there.

Lewis broke into the Waltham Abbey premises by forcing a side entrance, breaking a window and damaging a door.

He was traced as a result of blood left behind at the scene.