A kebab restaurant owner says his love of Her Majesty The Queen prompted him to rebrand his Chingford kebab house in an unusual way.

Hussein Ibrahim, 42, has owned a restaurant in Chingford Mount Road for four years but last week what used to be known as Petra Restaurant became The Queen.

Mr Ibrahim said: “I love the Queen and what she’s done for every single person in this country.

“This is her land and she deserves to have everybody to come here to salute her.”

He said the restaurant has been very popular with school children making the most of the new picture opportunity.

Mr Ibrahim has met the Queen three times.

The first time he was in the crowd while she was visiting an elderly home in Holloway Road and she greeted him.

He had a similar encounter at an event in Windsor in 2007.

In 2002 he was working for the United Arab Emirates embassy and was invited to a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

He said his shop front is not just to attract customers.

“The Queen makes everybody happy,” he added.

“I believe in this community they are missing this kind of thing, something that brings the community together.”

Mr Ibrahim says the restaurant, coated in regal purple, will have more images of the queen inside soon.

The restaurant, which also offers shisha pipes, is not believed to be offering goods or services by royal appointment.