Waltham Forest has the largest number of homes at high risk of flooding in capital, according to data compiled by the London Assembly.

Environment Committee figures show 2,510 homes are classified as the most at threat, which is 17 per cent of the total figure in London.

Details released do not clarify where the homes are, but properties in the north of the borough are believed to be affected.

A total of 14,408 London homes were categorised as “high risk”.

Murad Qureshi, chairman of the Environment Committee, said: “The figures we have obtained from the Environment Agency show far too many homes in London remain at high flood risk.

"The Prime Minister has said that money is no object, so it’s time for the Mayor to cash in that promise and secure the funding necessary to protect those London homes.  Current flood defence proposals will only protect a fraction of the homes at high risk.”

At the weekend, Lower Hall Lane in Chingford was under 60cm of water, forcing rescue crews to use an inflatable boat to reach residents. 

Police knocked on doors at 3am reassuring residents their properties would not be affected. 

Many residents believe the incident was preventable and are blaming Thames Water and the Environment Agency for not acting sooner. 

There is currently no flood warning for the borough.