"Lazy" parents who park dangerously when dropping their children off at school are creating a “death-trap,” it is claimed.

Fellow parents who walk their children to school say drivers ignore zig-zag markings prohibiting stopping and mount the kerb outside Churchfields Junior School in Churchfields in South Woodford, are putting children at risk.

It is claimed teachers have been forced to intervene on several occasions to tell parents to park elsewhere.

Claire Hughes, of Wynndale Road in South Woodford, walks her daughter to school every day and has argued with parents on several occasions over the issue.

She said: “People are actually driving up to the school and mounting the pavement.

“These people are parents, they should know better. It’s got to the point where there’s going to be a serious accident and a child is going to go under the wheels of a car.

“There’s no going back from that. I can’t understand why people would want to drive right up to the gate in their cars.”

Resident Ken Morden, 67, of Churchfields, said: “I see the traffic at the same time every day. It’s absolute mayhem – why something hasn’t been enforced yet I don’t know.

“It is a death-trap. I don’t understand why parents would want to put their own children’s lives at risk.

“It’s pure laziness.”

A statement on the school's website said: "Every child attending Churchfields Infants and Juniors is important and they all deserve to get to and from school safely and without fear of being injured in the process.

"Stop and think for a moment, how would you feel if it was your child who was unnecessarily injured due to the inconsiderate and irresponsible behaviour of another parent?"

The Guardian is waiting for further comment from the school.

The Guardian is waiting for comment from the school.