Campaigners are calling for more to be done to make roads in Redbridge safer for cyclists after two recent crashes left one man dead and another fighting for his life.

Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth say measures must be introduced on main roads and roundabouts to save lives.

Kevin Lane, 52, from Rainham, died after being involved in a collision with a car at the junction of High Road, Woodford Green at 1.30pm on Sunday.

Another male cyclist in his 50s was left fighting for his life in hospital after being hit by a car on Charlie Brown’s roundabout in South Woodford on Tuesday.

Friends of the Earth member, Robert Greenall, of Finchingfield Avenue in Woodford Green, said: "I think it is an issue mainly with main roads most of the small roads in the borough are okay but the trouble is that often cyclists will use main roads because it is the quicker way to get from A to B.

"Charlie Brown’s roundabout is the worst place and I do not want to even cycle there, it seems these roads are designed without cyclists in mind at all."

Diana Korchien, Co-coordinator at the society, said: "It is a terrible problem in the Borough. I think the council could install separate traffic lights for cyclists at roundabouts which would be a great thing to see."

Redbridge Council insists it is trying to help cyclists.

A spokesman for Redbridge Council said: "Our officers work closely with the police and will establish if any additional road safety measures need to be considered for the area to minimise the possibility of such an event reoccurring.

"The council actively promotes walking and cycling and has a substantial capital programme in place to create and maintain a street environment which is safe and accessible for all road users.

"We offer cycle training to children in the Borough, and this will be extended to adults and drivers soon."