The future of a Chingford kebab shop rebranded in honour of the Queen could be under threat after Buckingham Palace questioned its legitimacy.

Formerly Petra Restaurant, the Chingford Mount Road premises transformed into 'The Queen' last week after owner Hussein Ibrahim decided to show his love for Her Majesty.

But the move, which saw the restaurant painted bright purple and large images of Queen Elizabeth placed on the shopfront, has not been welcomed by Buckingham Palace.

A spokeswoman said: “As a general rule images of members of the Royal Family should not be used for commercial endorsement.”

However Mr Ibrahim does not believe he has done anything wrong and said he would challenge any effort to remove the images.

“They say it’s not allowed but it’s not being used for commercial reasons, it’s just to honour Her Majesty,” the 42-year-old said.

“I didn’t put up funny images of the Queen. I didn’t do something silly to the pictures. I did something amazing which has cost me huge money.”

“The time will come when they take me to the court and force me to take it down.

“It’s a nice thing for the community because it’s completely different.

“Kids, people around here, everybody is talking about it in a nice way. When people come to take pictures it makes me happy.

“I’m not going to post Tony Blair’s picture or Margaret Thatcher’s picture. It’s the Queen who has worked so hard to make every person in the world love the United Kingdom.”

Mr Ibrahim said he plans to adorn the restaurant’s interior with more images of Her Majesty.

He said he will then send pictures to the Queen, along with an invitation for a meal, because he believes she will be proud of what he did.

He added that some of his regular customers fear the restaurant’s atmosphere will become “too posh” after the transformation.