Buckingham Palace will not ask a Chingford kebab restaurant owner to remove giant images of the Queen from his newly rebranded premises.

‘The Queen’ in Chingford Mount Road revealed its new look last week after owner Hussein Ibrahim decided to demonstrate his love for Her Majesty.

Along with a fresh coat of bright purple paint he adorned his shop front with larger-than-life pictures of the Queen.

But yesterday Buckingham Palace said images of the Royal Family should not be used for commercial endorsement, raising questions about whether Mr Ibrahim would be asked to remove Queen Elizabeth.

But today, the spokeswoman said no action would be taken against Mr Ibrahim.

“I’m so excited and so happy to do more and more and more,” he said.

“I want something to be proud of, I’m not just posting pictures to attract people.

“She is the only leader in the whole world to make this country something for every single person to dream about.”

Official guidance on using images of members of the Royal Family states that except when advertising a book, newspaper or magazine article about a Royal Family member, royal images may not be used for advertising purposes in any medium.

A breach may be referred to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Mr Ibrahim had said he would refuse any demand to take the images down.

He also said he plans to invite the Queen for a meal and send her pictures of The Queen.