A man who promotes an extreme form of Islam has been handed a landmark anti-social behaviour order banning him from promoting Sharia law in London.

Jordan Horner, 20, from Walthamstow, is prohibited from possessing a loudhailer, distributing material promoting Sharia law or congregating with four named men, unless for peaceful worshhip.

One of the men is Anjem Choudary, a well-known radical based in Walthamstow, under the terms of the order led by Waltham Forest Police and supported by the council and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Horner was jailed in December for harrassing members of the public for supposed un-Islamic behaviour while taking part in so-called Muslim patrols.

He is also banned from entering any eduacational establishment in Greater London unless he is a registered student, approach people, distrubite leaflets or fix posters to promoting the establishment of Sharia Law in the UK under the terms of the five-year order granted at the Old Bailey today.

The ban on preaching in public is a legal first.

The other men named in the order as people Horner is barred from congregating with are Royal Barnes, Ricardo McFarlane and Dean Le Page.

Waltham Forest Borough Commander Chief Superintendent, Mark Collins, said: “The granting of an ASBO against Jordan Horner sends a clear message that extremist behaviour will not be tolerated on our streets.”