A prolific burglar has been jailed after admitting stealing goods worth £14,000 in a series of raids.

Billy Sewell, of Yellowpine Way in Chigwell, was part of a gang of three which carried out three burglaries and two attempted break-ins in Suffolk.

Another nine burglaries in Essex and one in Norfolk were also taken into account during sentencing earlier this month.

Sewell, 25, was jailed for three years and seven months after pleading guilty at Ipswich Crown Court.

Detective Constable Jamie Adams said: "It is positive to see that these three offenders have been punished for the crimes that they have committed between them.

"The three burglaries and two attempted burglaries have had a huge financial and emotional impact on the victims.

"In total the value of all the stolen items amounted to over £14,000 and the damage caused whilst entering the premises totalled to over £1,500.

"This also does not take into account the emotional distress caused by the fact that an unwelcome person has entered your private property without permission and stolen personal items such as jewellery, computers, mobile phones and cameras.”

Sewell's accomplice, Matthew Button, 26, of Selsey Avenue in Clacton, was sentenced to two years and six months after pleading guilty.

Abigale Pryor, 26, of North End in Little Yeldham, was sentenced to 12 months after pleading not guilty, but being found guilty in December last year.