A former district nurse has released the latest novel in a series about healthcare in east London after the Second World War.

Waltham Abbey-based Jean Fullerton began the Nurse Millie series after the success of BBC series Call the Midwife.=

Mrs Fullerton, 59, who grew up in east London and worked as a district nurse in the area, began the series last year with Call Nurse Millie and has just released the follow-up, All change for Nurse Millie.

She said: “Because of my history as a district nurse and my knowledge of the East end I was asked to write the book.

“I went and spoke to women who were nurses at the time. It was fascinating. Things were just so different then.

“Now we go with all kind of bandages but back then they would boil them to reuse.

“Women went through the most terrible labours because they couldn’t afford a cesarean.”

The books illustrate how much the profession has changed, with nurses collecting a weekly fee from patients before the NHS was established.

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