Police are warning the public after a man was conned out of £5,000.

A conman claimed he had assessed the victim’s drains at his home in Ilford on January 31 and quoted him £2,500 to carry out urgent repairs.

The resident accepted the man’s offer to do the work and took him to a bank to withdraw a total of £5,000 to cover the cost for two properties.

The man was not seen again.

He claimed to be acting under the business name Drains Free.

Superintendant Ellie O’Connor said: “If someone comes to your door and you have any doubts about what they are offering, say no.

“Inform us if you see anything suspicious – we have a team who can give specialist advice if this happens.

“Tell them to go away and arrange for them to come back another time once you have checked them with us.”

PCSO Heidi Coupe-Wilson of Redbridge police will be hosting a meeting for residents on March 10 at 7pm at Clementswood/Mayfield Community Centre, in Connaught Road, Ilford, to discuss the scam.