A CCTV spy car driver has been photographed flouting parking rules in order to catch others doing the same.

The cars are used to catch drivers breaking traffic rules, including parking illegally, resulting in thousands of pounds of fines a year.

Spotted by a resident, who did not want to be named, earlier this month in Davies Lane, Leytonstone, the driver of the spy car is parked on a double yellow line - in a way that would incurr a fine for a member of the public.

Police can intervene if a council spy car is parked dangerously and double yellow lines are commonly used to ensure the safety of drivers.

However, the council claim it is down to the discretion of individual officers.

A council spokeman said: “While CCTV cars are considered exempted vehicles under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 and are permitted to park on yellow lines, they are instructed to only do so where no suitable alternative exists and to not park dangerously or obstructively.”
The Guardian is awaiting further clarification on whether any action will be taken against the driver.