A mother-of-four is launching language classes for babies, toddlers and young children after teaching her own children a second language from an early age.

Jenny Escobar, 34, of Glen Crescent in Woodford Green, is launching her new business, Lingotot, at South Woodford Library in High Road on Wednesday.

French, Spanish and Mandarin lessons will be taught to children as young as just a several months and tutors will speak in the chosen language at all times.

Mrs Escobar said: “Both my husband and I have wanted our children to benefit from learning a second or third language from an early age, having seen first hand how effective it is when a language is introduced early in life. 

“We understand many of the challenges, and opportunities, that learning another language might bring to young families in particular.

“However, the business provides not just the structure and resources to introduce a child to a new language but it also does it in a fun and interactive way.

“I know from personal experience that the government’s new plan to make languages compulsory in primary schools will help children pick up languages more quickly - but I believe children can learn from an even earlier age.”

Mrs Escobar will be offering the classes in schools and nurseries to take the pressure of teachers.

She said: “They are basically lessons in a box. As our tutors mark the work, it can take a lot of stress out of providing language lessons.”

Language teaching will be compulsory in primary schools from September this year.

Spanish and French classes will begin on February 26 at South Woodford Library in High Road, Loughton Methodist Church and St Mary’s, Loughton, while Mandarin will begin on March 1 at South Woodford Library.

The cost for the first child is £7.50 per session, for a second child it is £3.50 or free of the child is under one.