A landmark High Court decision determining the future of a controversial nightclub is expected today.

Funky Mojoe, in High Road, South Woodford called for a judicial review at the High Court after their appeal to overturn a district judge's decision to cut opening hours was upheld.

Today's decision will act as a precedent as it is the first time a nightclub licensing issue has been taken to the High Court for review.

The nightclub had its opening hours limited to pub hours earlier this year after a history of anti-social behaviour associated with the venue.

Legal representatives from Funky Mojoe and Redbridge Council went to the High Court on January 29 and the decision has been delayed by more than two weeks.  

Some of the club's 29,500 followers took to Twitter last night to wish the Mojoe's team good luck with today's result.

In response to the comments, the club's account tweeted: "Thanks everyone for all the support...it's been a roller coaster last few months. Fingers crossed for tomorrow."

Hugh Court Judge Blackett is expected to issue a statement to all parties involved today.