A dance-crazy pensioner with a passion for all things Baltic is due to make his TV debut - in Lithuania.

Chris Last, of Fellstead Road in Loughton, is scheduled to appear in series about folk music with his dance troupe, Saduto.

The 71-year-old, who has also been a member of an Estonian troupe and currently performs with two other groups of Morris men, will travel to the country on Friday to film the performance.

The retired Roding Valley High School teacher joined Saduto after being introduced to the troupe leader during a Lithuanian festival at Headley Park Hotel in Hampshire, in 2008.

Mr Last said: “I’m a bit nervous about the show but I think it’s good to nervous, it shows you’re human.

“It’ll be a new experience but I don’t think it’ll happen many times again.

“I don’t think I’ll be appearing on Britain’s Got Talent anytime soon.”

Mr Last became interested in Baltic culture after studying the Hungarian revolution in 1956.

He has travelled extensively in the region and claims to have been made an honorary citizen of the village of Lagushti in Georgia.

He has even named his house Saaremaa after the largest Estonian island.

Mr Last is a member of the Chingford Morris Men and the Blackmore Morris Men and performs at pubs and fates around the district.