Neighbours of a controversial nightclub which lost a landmark High Court appeal against a decision to cut its hours have spoken of their relief.

People living close to Funky Mojoe, in High Road, South Woodford, say their lives have been made a misery due to noise, anti-social behaviour and crime associated with the venue.

The council cut opening times at the venue to normal pub hours after viewing CCTV evidence which showed a number of violent incidents.

This was upheld by magistrates and the owners appealed to the High Court for a judicial review the decision – allowing the venue to stay open late.

It was the first time a nightclub’s licensing issue was decided in this way.

Yesterday the decision to cut hours was upheld and the venue was ordered to pay £127,000 in court costs to the council.

They have also been told they are not allowed to appeal.

Residents have joined councillors in welcoming the decision.

But Linda Edwards, 68, of Manor Court Lodge next to the nightclub, fears the club will not give up.

She said: "I don't know if it's the end of it yet. Maybe they will find some way of appealing it - they are slippery like that.

"All we want is our peace back of an evening.

"I can't celebrate until we know it is finally over. All we want is everything to go back to normality - we have been waiting for this for six years."

Frank Walker, 61, of nearby Churchfields, said he is glad residents will no longer have to suffer.

“I fully support the decision. I sometimes have to work nights and coming back down the High Road at one in the morning is awful, even for drivers,” he added.

“There are bottles in the middle of the road and drunk people stepping out not looking where they’re going.

“It’s terrible what residents have had to put up with for all these years - this was the rightful choice.

“It makes you wonder why the council ever let the venue open here in the first place. It is just completely the wrong location for a nightclub.”

Jenny Lamb, 34, also of Churchfields, South Woodford, has enjoyed nights out at Funky Mojoe but believes it is the right decision.

She said: “I have been to Mojoe’s a few times myself and it’s a great night out. But I can see why residents don’t want to put up with it any longer.

“It’s just a shame that some people ruined it with drunken behaviour.

“I hope they move somewhere else and carry on as a nightclub, it would be a shame if they didn’t.”

The venue is yet to officially comment on the decision. However, a message licensee Kerry O'Reilly's confirmed on her twitter page that she is meeting with a licensing solicitor today.

"I'm gutted, haven't stopped crying yet," she tweeted.

The club will now have to close its doors at 11.30pm at weekends, and 11pm during the week.