Families are calling for action after their rubbish was not collected for three weeks.

People living in Forest View, Chingford, have been told refuse trucks cannot access homes in the narrow street because it is clogged up with cars left by commuters.

Bins are overflowing and rats have started to appear among the rubbish as it piles up along the street.

Foxes have ransacked some of the bags and litter can be seen strewn across the picturesque road, which is adjacent to Chingford Golf Club.

Forest View resident Antony Everitt and his neighbours have complained to the council every day since their rubbish was not collected by contractor Kier on February 4.

He said: "The trucks can’t get to the road as there are cars parked all along and it’s quite narrow.

"The road is not owned by the council but they delegate it as a highway and it is used as a free car park for hundreds of commuters.

"I don’t blame the commuters as it saves them £2000 a year in parking costs but not having our rubbish collected for over three weeks is unacceptable by all standards."

A spokesman for the Council said: "Kier sent a smaller specialist vehicle up there this afternoon to bring the refuse out. Our street cleaners Urbaser are now clearing the spillage.

"The issue is really with the state of the road and the responsibility for sorting it so that the same situation doesn’t occur next week. 

"It has taken a lot more time and effort on the part of two sets of contractors and numerous council officers to deal with the problem."