A free smart phone app will provide easy access to detailed information about Waltham Abbey.

The Waltham Abbey Town Team, a partnership of  businesses, councilors, civil servants and town partnership members, is launching the service, which will include listings for places to shop and eat, as well as tourist destinations and a brief history of the area.

Town Partnership chairwoman, Helen Kane, said: “We are a very old town with a very modern outlook.

“It will be very useful for the younger generation and tourists to get to know what’s available in the town.

“We’re putting Waltham Abbey on the app.”

The app cost around £3,000 to develop and was funded in equal measure by the Town Team and Town Partnership.

In addition the area will recieve £10,000 from a central government grant for high street regeneration with backing from the MP for Epping Forest Eleanor Laing who will be at the launch event.

Information about the app will be posted on notice boards around the town.

The app will be compatible with both iPhones and Android devices and is the first to be launched for a specific town in the district.