Arson attacks across London have fallen by nearly 90 per cent over the last decade, new figures show.

In 2012/13, the number of deliberate fires in London was around 81 each week, compared to 92 fires a day in 2003/4, London Fire Brigade (LFB) have said.

Across Rebridge, arson attacks have fallen by 88 per cent from 818 a year in 2003/4 to just 97 last year.

In Waltham Forest, the figure is 83 per cent, with fire crews attending only 169 deliberate fires last year compared to nearly a thousand (978) 10 years ago.  

LFB attribute the sharp decline in arson-related events to the increasing value of scrap metal in motor vehicles making it less likely they will be abandoned and sujbect to arson.