Prostate cancer rates in Redbridge are higher than the national average, it has been revealed.

The National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) reported 109 cases per 100,000 men in the borough, compared to 106 in England.

There were 138 cases of the disease in Redbridge in 2010.

The mortality rate in Redbridge is three per cent lower than the national average, with 21 deaths per 100,000 reported between 2009 and 2011.

Dr Anil Mehta, chairman of Redbridge CCG, said: “It’s really important you visit your doctor if you experience difficulties in urinating, or feel you cannot control your bladder, as an early diagnosis will lead to faster treatment.

“Research says around one in every four black men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer although it is not yet clear why they are more likely to get prostate cancer compared to men from other ethnic backgrounds.”