A pipe band is celebrating four decades of success.

This year marks the 40th anniversary for The Epping Forest Pipe Band which leaders say is still thriving.

Recently, the group has been busy with Burn’s Night performances in the district and across London.

This year, they even performed at the Princes Trust with a teenager member doing a solo of the 'Address to the Haggis' later in the evening.

Sandy Barrick-Bredin from the group said that it is a very “proud” time for them.

She said: “The Epping Forest Pipe Band has continued to thrive, through it's commitment to learning, encouraging a wide range of ages, always providing a professional performance whilst keeping a strong, warm family friendly approach to all members and everyone we meet. 

“We're so proud of how we've continued to grow recently that we turned out, nearly our full compliment, last Sunday on The Green in Chingford. 

“Impromptu though it was, we still gathered a crowd, who's cheers very much helped us on what was a bit of a cold day.”

Anyone who wishes to join can email secretary@efpb.org, or visit www.efpb.org.