The patriotic owner of a restaurant which courted controversy by displaying large images of the Queen on its shopfront as part of an unusual rebranding has had a change of heart and replaced the pictures.

The Chingford Mount Road premises became 'The Queen' earlier this month after owner Hussein Ibrahim decided to show his love for Elizabeth II.

The charcoal grill and kebab restaurant was painted purple and two large close-up images of the Queen installed.

But they have now been replaced with images of a temple in Jordan and a Middle Eastern coffee grinder and utensils.

Buckinghham Palace said they had no role in the change of shopfront but last week warned,  "as a general rule images of members of the Royal Family should not be used for commercial endorsement."

Mr Mr Ibrahim said: “I love the Queen, she has done a lot for this country and every single person that comes here chooses to liver under her leadership.

“I wish to put them back up but I don’t want to upset or disrespect any member of the royal family.

"When I read in the media about Buckingham Palace and mentions of investigations I got worried. I will seek permission before I put the pictures back up.

“I didn’t want to make a big deal, it was personal and from the bottom of my heart.”