Motorists are set to challenge a series of fines issued after new CCTV camera was installed.

A meeting at Wood Street Post Office in Walthamstow saw dozens of other drivers came together to vent their anger after receiving tickets.

A 24-hour bus lane in Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone, is now being monitored by a new CCTV camera installed at traffic lights on the entrance to the Green Man roundabout.

The road markings for the bus lane end about 10m before the roundabout to enable increased access.

But drivers claim they are still being fined once the markings have ended because a sign indicating the end of the restriction was recently moved closer to the roundabout.

Post office owner Aman Sadana, 24, from Barking, has received three penalty charge notices (PCN) with a minimum fine of £65 each since February 6 and claims motorists are being wrongfully targeted and illegally fined.

He said: “I’m worried to go home at night in case I have more fines waiting for me on my doorstep. I have been using this route three times a day for seven years and have always stayed clear of the bus lane.

“I don’t care if the council want to put up a camera but we are being fined for entering the correct lane as the traffic moves to turn left.

“This is nothing short than a money-making scheme.”

Katherine Penton, 41 of Colchester Road in Leytonstone, has also received a ticket and believes many motorists may have been targeted.

She said: “It feels like a stealth tax on people. When you’re fined for doing something wrong then fair enough but if you’ve then something believing to be legitimate and they change the sign half-way through then it’s not fair.

"It’s absolutely bonkers and thousands must be getting hit."

Emma Moore, of Hecham Close in Walthamstow, received her £65 fine on Tuesday.

The 32 year-old said: "It's very upsetting as someone who follows the rules and abides by the law. It feels like the council is trying to milk us and get what they can possibly because of a shortfall in their finances."

A council spokeswoman said: “We have a duty to enforce proper use of bus lanes to ensure that buses can deliver essential public transport services and this lane is also used by ambulances needing access to Whipps Cross Hospital.

“The static camera was introduced on February 6 in place of the CCTV vehicle we had used previously, which by the very nature of this stretch of road had proved impractical, and we have been monitoring the camera’s effectiveness since.

“All of the signage in the area has been approved by the Department for Transport but motorists can of course follow the usual appeals process if they feel a ticket is unjustified.”