A controversial nightclub which lost a landmark High Court appeal against a cut to its opening hours will open until 3am next weekend.

Funky Mojoe, in High Road, South Woodford, was ordered to limit its opening times to normal pub hours after becaming a hotspot for crime and anti-social behaviour.

The High Court upheld the decision last week and ordered Funky Mojoe to pay the council’s legal costs of £127,000 while denying the venue the right to appeal.

However, it has emerged the venue can appeal the initial Magistrates’ Court ruling and licensee Kerry O’Reilly told the Guardian yesterday that she was to announce some ‘good news.’

At 9pm she tweeted: “Breaking news - we are open March 8 until 3am. A whole new concept coming to Funky Mojoe, South Woodford.”

It is believed the venue has been granted a temporary events licence.

Opening hours were reduced earlier this year after the council's licensing committee was shown CCTV evidence of several serious assaults outside the venue.