A field at the centre of a development battle is being neglected, it is claimed.

The Wanstead Society has accused Dalco Developments of failing to maintain the plot, known locally as Evergreen Field, and say vermin could flourish.

A previous bid to build homes on the land in High Street, Wanstead, have been blocked and the company once said it had been contacted by a group which wants to build a mosque there.

The Wanstead Society, which was first formed to oppose development on the land, has planning permission for community use of the site.

The group is opposing an application by Dalco to erect a new fence around the site, claiming it would block peoples’ view of the field.

Society member Geoff Horsnell said: “The council have been asking the owner to come and talk about the fence with them.

“We know that there are rats and vermin on the site that will thrive if they don’t cut the grass.

“If anyone sees any rats or vermin around the site we are urging them to contact us so we can report it to the council and get them to cut the grass and look after the site a bit better.”