A coffee kiosk in danger of closure will receive help from Waltham Forest council, it has been claimed.

Madre Tierra has been serving commuters outside Walthamstow central station for four years.

However, Sardinian owner Alessandro Pinna was told at the beginning of the year that he may have to close when the station expands.

Council leader Cllr Chris Robbins said although it does not own the land, officers are trying to help.

He said: “This coffee shop is not on land owned by the council.  Network Rail is the landlord, and they and Solum are responsible for the redevelopment of this area.

“However, the council has been in discussions with the owner of Madre Tierra since January, and we also have been speaking to both Network Rail and Solum to understand the scope of works and potential future use of the space, with the aim of finding an amicable way forward for all parties.”

A petition has begun to fight the closure of the small coffee shop as the owner says that it would not be possible for him to rent a unit in the station.