A family is calling for tougher dog controls after their beloved cat was mulled to death by a Staffordshire bull terrier.

Catherine List, 38, and husband Liviu Parasciv, of Selwyn Avenue in Highams Park, are mourning the loss of 11-year-old Ollie, after he was killed on Friday.  

The family of five's cat was curled up on the porch of their next door neighbour's home when the attack happened at around 9pm.

It is understood the tan-coloured dog was being walked by a young girl off the lead when the dog burst through a neighbour’s gate.

An passer-by knocked on the couple’s door shouting a ‘dog is killing your cat’.

Mr Paraschiv was putting their three young children to bed when he heard the commotion.

"I heard all this loud noise coming from outside then a woman was knocking on the door saying a dog is killing your cat. I answered the door with my children and quickly realised this was not for them to hear," he said.

"I walked outside and there was blood all over the steps of my neighbour’s house and blood was dripping from the dog’s mouth.

"The dog was running around uncontrollably in the front garden and the gate was closed," said the 48 year-old father.

The young girl told him the dog was not hers and gave him a fake number to contact the owner.  

Ms List said Ollie didn't stand a chance.

She added: "Ollie was very quiet and tame and would not have provoked the dog. My cat didn’t stand a chance, my neighbour was scared for her life, the animal was just so vicious.

"The children know only that he has gone away as it is far too brutal to tell them the truth."

The cat owners' are calling on the coouncil to enforce tougher controls.

Mr Paraschiv added: "This was a violent dog, which should’ve been muzzled and on a lead.

"It is really disturbing to think this could happen to a child and I think there should be more visible enforcement in the area to prevent this vicious attack occuring again."