Re-offending in Waltham Forest was significantly lower than expected in the past four years, according to new figures.

The London Probation Trust released information today stating that reoffending was almost 18 per cent lower than anticipated when compared to projections four years ago.

A predictive rate, comparing a snapshot of all offenders over 18 on probation at the end of a quarter compared to the same period four years earlier, estimated how many criminals were expected to reoffend and contrasted this against the actual rate of reoffending.

Data showed that almost eight per cent of offenders in the borough would reoffend within three months of their original crime, but just over six per cent did, resulting in an 18 per cent drop.

Across London there was eight per cent less reoffending than had been predicted four years ago.

London Probation Trust is the largest probation trust in the UK and covers all London boroughs.