Market traders today expressed anger after being told they will no longer be able to trade on Sunday.

Sunday trading at Wood Street Indoor Market, in Walthamstow, began in the summer of last year as part of a trial.

But management has now decided to close the market on Sundays, as of next week.

Traders are under no obligation to open on Sundays, but many willingly do so as it is now one of the busiest trading days.

Guido Ratti, of Hypstrz record shop, is saddened by the decision taken by management firm, Woodstow & Antiques Development Ltd.

The 46-year-old said: “My business will be very badly affected and this decision shows to the public we’re not a serious market when that is not the case.

“This decision to close on Sundays is causing arguments between traders.

“I predict to lose up to 50 per cent of trade, for me it’s like closing on a Saturday."

Owner of the 38-year-old market, Tony Davis, has confirmed the closure.

He said: "Not enough tenants are coming in on Sunday to warrant us opening up.

"The trial was to see how successful it was and we found that people were not coming in and spending money."

Martin’s Toys & Memorabilia has opened every Sunday since the trial started.

Owner Martin Cleminson, 55, said: "It wasn’t about a lack of attendance as the market was doing pretty well.

“Sunday is the ‘banker’ for us because of reduced parking restrictions.

“Most of my customers are parents that work  Monday to Friday so my business is going to be affected in a big way.

"It’s just a shame for us traders, the customers and the wider community."

An online petition launched by Jason Jackson, of Aura Rose Cakes & Patisserie,  has received 500 signatures and will be handed to Mr Davis this week.

"We are open every day the market is open. Our business does exceptionally well on weekends because of this. We're considering moving elsewhere.

"Our customers are distraught and it’s not fair for the majority to suffer because the minority want it closed. We expect to lose 45 per cent in income from weekend takings so we are almost left with no other option.”   

There will be no more Sunday trading as of March 9.