Residents are calling for swift action after a second car has crashed through the wall of a house in just two weeks.

Shortly before 5am this morning a green London taxi and Nissan Micra were involved in a collision on Lower park Road in Loughton.

The taxi, which was carrying a passenger left the road and ended up in the living room of a flat in Roding Court.

Mike Tonkin, 29, was in bed when the car shot through his window.

He said: "Me and my girlfriend were both sound asleep.

"I woke up to a bang and got up to see a set of headlights in my living room. It was a bit a shock I will admit.

"It is only 12 or 13 days since the awful accident over the road at 4 o'clock in the morning.

"It is quite scary. I know that there are issues with the street lighting but people are flying up and down here, too. The road opposite has no markings and don't know that the road has ended.

"Something really needs to be done."

The house is being assessed by structural engineers before a decision is made over the safety of the building.

On February 23, a car crashed into the adjacent block of flats, Collins Court, at 3.45am.

Forty-year-old Naheed Saddique who lives in Roding Court says that swift action needs to be taken.

He said: "The first I knew about it was when my neighbour knocked on my door saying that there was a car in his house.

"It is really worrying for all of us who live here. I have a three-year-old son.

"The Upper Park Road and Lower Park Road junction is an accident hotspot because there are no clear road markings.

"The street lights on this road need to be kept on. My job is managing energy for a large site and I know that keeping lights on in this road would cost them pounds.

"I am afraid that someone could be killed."

Street lights in Epping Forest are currently being switched off between 12am and 5am in Essex County Council's Part Night Lighting Scheme in a bid to save £1.5m across the county.

Four people were treated for minor injuries following the accident this morning.